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Michelle Weinstein, AKA The Pitch Queen, is the host of Success Unfiltered, which features an array of unique and inspiring guests. She talks to all kinds of innovators and achievers, including multi seven and eight figure entrepreneurs, Shark Tank veterans, authors, performers, and investors.

Her guests share their most intimate stories, no holds barred. It’s the raw and vulnerable stuff that you don’t always hear about, like major rejections, epic failures, and unrelenting setbacks.
They share their most inspiring stories of overcoming adversity, never giving up, and achieving success beyond their wildest imaginations.

She created this podcast to help entrepreneurs realize that they are NOT alone. Everyone who has attempted something epic has had their share of setbacks, failures, and NOs. By sharing unfiltered stories from extraordinary individuals who overcame hardships and ultimately achieved their version of success, her hope is to inspire others to stay in the game and hold out for their own dreams.

Her mission and goal is to inspire rising entrepreneurs to break through barriers, overcome obstacles, and make a bigger impact in the world. It’s her passion to show people how to take action, own their value, and grow their top-line revenue. You CAN build a successful and flourishing business and make a global impact by doing what you love, and Success Unfiltered will inspire you ever step of the way!

Sep 27, 2017

018 | Jill Stanton Says Don't Believe the Hype - Overnight Business Success Doesn't Exist

This week we have Jill Stanton, who is the co-founder, along with her husband Josh, of Screw the Nine to Five. A place where unsatisfied webpreneurs learn how to eliminate the overwhelm, focus on the right tasks and build their businesses strategically.

Jill began her entrepreneurial journey back in 2006 (over 10 years ago), creating a web TV show, before web TV was really a thing. Jill and her partner poured their blood sweat and tears into the creation of this show, they had 150 episodes and really believed they were ready to start taking on sponsors. However, it didn’t quite work out that way. Jill shares the whole story!

I know it may be hard to believe, but you are not alone when it comes experiencing major business failures. Almost ALL entrepreneurs have at least one BIG story about something they launched that went completely wrong. Jill tells us her most devastating NO in this episode.

It might be hard to imagine, but almost every business, even those that seem to come out of nowhere, were not an overnight success. Every business has a (long) story!

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. Jill shares all she’s learned through her TEN YEARS in business. Trust me there’s some good stuff in here, you definitely don’t want to miss this episode!

Enjoy, thank you for listening and tuning into Success Unfiltered!

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Special thanks goes out to Jill Stanton for taking the time to chat with Michelle. Be sure to join us next week for our next new episode!

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Here are a few key secrets we talked about in this episode:

  • Michelle introduces Jill Stanton.
  • Jill tells the story of her first online business!
  • “I've been told NO so many times that if I hear it now, I'm just like yeah, anyways. Moving on.”
  • Jill shares how she’s built her resilience to hearing NO throughout her businesses. It wasn’t easy because she puts her heart and soul into her business.
  • It’s been 10 years of practice for Jill to get used to NO, and build the business of her dreams.
  • Jill tells the story of her most devastating NO. It’s a juicy one!
  • You must have a plan when launching a product or service.
  • Jill talks about her lightbulb moment, when she realized that she and Josh should teach what they know.
  • Jill wants others to stop being misleading about how they’ll make X amount of dollars in a short amount of time. It takes time to grow a lucrative business!
  • Going into business is stressful. Jill shares how she dealt with the ups and downs.
  • Having a support system is paramount to your journey.
  • “The more you get smack talk the easier it is to swallow it.”
  • Jill shares her witty comeback when someone criticized her, via an email she sent.
  • Jill and Josh had were approached to do a TV show. Jill shares how that turned out.
  • The momentum of Screw the Nine to Five continues to grow.
  • Jill shares what she would tell her younger self.

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