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Michelle Weinstein, AKA The Pitch Queen, is the host of Success Unfiltered, which features an array of unique and inspiring guests. She talks to all kinds of innovators and achievers, including multi seven and eight figure entrepreneurs, Shark Tank veterans, authors, performers, and investors.

Her guests share their most intimate stories, no holds barred. It’s the raw and vulnerable stuff that you don’t always hear about, like major rejections, epic failures, and unrelenting setbacks.
They share their most inspiring stories of overcoming adversity, never giving up, and achieving success beyond their wildest imaginations.

She created this podcast to help entrepreneurs realize that they are NOT alone. Everyone who has attempted something epic has had their share of setbacks, failures, and NOs. By sharing unfiltered stories from extraordinary individuals who overcame hardships and ultimately achieved their version of success, her hope is to inspire others to stay in the game and hold out for their own dreams.

Her mission and goal is to inspire rising entrepreneurs to break through barriers, overcome obstacles, and make a bigger impact in the world. It’s her passion to show people how to take action, own their value, and grow their top-line revenue. You CAN build a successful and flourishing business and make a global impact by doing what you love, and Success Unfiltered will inspire you ever step of the way!

Apr 3, 2019

097 | Carl Allen Shares the Role Karma Has on Your Sales

Do you believe in the power of karma in your business? Have you ever thought about what would happen if you said NO to a client or an investor? Ever see an investor’s terms and think “that’s not quite what I was hoping for … but I need the money.”

Carl Allen is an entrepreneur, investor, and corporate dealmaker who has worked on transactions worth over $50 billion, which includes over 250 acquisitions and sales, together with more than 100 capital fund raising projects. In a 24-year career, Carl has analysed thousands of businesses, big and small, in 17 different countries and across nearly every business sector, including technology,  pharmaceuticals, transport and logistics, engineering, manufacturing, aerospace, consumer goods and services, business services, retail, professional services, finance, packaging, and corporate clothing.

Carl has a solid reputation as an investor and corporate dealmaker, having worked for Bank of America, Hewlett-Packard, Forrester, and Gartner. He has advised some of the world’s largest corporations on investments, acquisitions, disposals, and restructuring, Carl has also assisted hundreds of business owners in raising both equity and debt finance. Carl walks the talk, having acquired and sold numerous businesses for himself. Carl is one of the world’s premier experts on buying and financing small business acquisitions and coaches more than 700 entrepreneurs all over the world to buy small businesses rather than starting new ones.

Sometimes we say YES out of desperation, or fear, without wondering, is there another way?

There are times in our career where we do need to think creatively and find alternate ways to accomplish our dreams and goals - and that can unleash the power of karma in our businesses!

Throughout his career as a startup entrepreneur, investor, and business broker, Carl Allen saw the power of karma.

As he was brokering the sale of a business - his FIRST sale - Carl found himself facing a decision. He could encourage the owners to accept a sale that would net him a fee of $250,000 (but cost all the employees their jobs), or find a new buyer. What happened next changed the course of Carl’s life, and led him to his absolute best YES!

If you’re ready to get inspired by the power of karma in your sales journey, then this episode of Success Unfiltered is a MUST LISTEN!

Enjoy, and thank you for listening and tuning into Success Unfiltered!

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Special thanks goes out to Carl Allen for taking the time to chat with Michelle. Be sure to join us next week for our next new episode!

Everyone Gets Told NO. What’s the difference between entrepreneurs who make it and those who don’t? The ones who make it don’t let rejection keep them down! Which one are YOU? Grab your copy of my FREE Checklist “5 Ways To Come Back From Sales Rejection” and declare your future success right NOW!

Here are a few key secrets we talked about in this episode:

  • Michelle introduces Carl.
  • Don’t forget, we’re in a 24/7 career in sales.
  • Carl got his MBA and decided that he wanted to become an entrepreneur, with a startup company.
  • They couldn’t even give away their software when he first started the company!
  • The problem was, the startup created software they thought was cool - not something that a customer had a need for.
  • People don’t buy with a logical focus - it’s the subconscious emotions that drive a lot of decision making.
  • Carl decided that startups weren’t for him - he was ready to become an investor. His failure with his startup led to his best success!
  • The constant rejection that Carl experienced was one of the hardest parts to accept of that time - Carl had to learn how to accept constant rejection.
  • A 24/7 sales career can lead to some hard decisions - Carl left Hewlett-Packard to be able to spend more time with family and found himself working as a business broker.
  • Carl began work as a business broker and found a buyer for his first business.
  • The deal was pulled when the buyer outlined the terms that the seller couldn’t accept - it would include the firing of faithful employees.
  • At that moment, Carl knew that he was going to buy the business.
  • He started a career buying businesses and continuing to push them to success.
  • “There’s no failure, there’s only feedback and opportunity to learn and pivot and be innovative.” ~ Carl Allen
  • Carl turned down an 8 figure offer from a competitor that was going to dismantle the company - losing a 7 figure fee!
  • By sticking with his convictions and his experiences from the past, he was able to make decisions that he could live with.
  • It’s karma; you have to look after people in this world.
  • Because of his choices, and the good karma, Carl has made exponentially more revenue.
  • Carl works with 17 businesses and has more than $25 million in revenue.
  • Karma in business has more to do with who you are as a person, vs just the revenue - it’s about your morals, and who you are at the end of the day.
  • Do the right thing by people - the world will pay you back.
  • Stick to your values, stick to your truths.
  • Carl shares the one thing he would tell his younger self.

Connect with Carl:

Everyone Gets Told NO. What’s the difference between entrepreneurs who make it and those who don’t? The ones who make it don’t let rejection keep them down! Which one are YOU? Grab your copy of my FREE Checklist “5 Ways To Come Back From Sales Rejection” and declare your future success right NOW!

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