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Michelle Weinstein, AKA The Pitch Queen, is the host of Success Unfiltered, which features an array of unique and inspiring guests. She talks to all kinds of innovators and achievers, including multi seven and eight figure entrepreneurs, Shark Tank veterans, authors, performers, and investors.

Her guests share their most intimate stories, no holds barred. It’s the raw and vulnerable stuff that you don’t always hear about, like major rejections, epic failures, and unrelenting setbacks.
They share their most inspiring stories of overcoming adversity, never giving up, and achieving success beyond their wildest imaginations.

She created this podcast to help entrepreneurs realize that they are NOT alone. Everyone who has attempted something epic has had their share of setbacks, failures, and NOs. By sharing unfiltered stories from extraordinary individuals who overcame hardships and ultimately achieved their version of success, her hope is to inspire others to stay in the game and hold out for their own dreams.

Her mission and goal is to inspire rising entrepreneurs to break through barriers, overcome obstacles, and make a bigger impact in the world. It’s her passion to show people how to take action, own their value, and grow their top-line revenue. You CAN build a successful and flourishing business and make a global impact by doing what you love, and Success Unfiltered will inspire you ever step of the way!

Jul 24, 2019

113 | Oren Klaff Teaches Us How to “Pitch Anything”

Do you ever feel like your pitch just doesn’t resonate with the right people? Do you ever wonder why?

With securities markets experience, Oren Klaff is Director of Capital Markets at investment bank Intersection Capital, where he manages its capital-raising platform. Since 2005, Oren has since grown the firm history to approximately $2 billion in aggregate trade volume across a diversified portfolio of companies and transactions. He is responsible for business development and product development, and oversees the firm's flagship product, the Velocity™ method of corporate finance.

Applying his pioneering approaches to raising capital and incorporating neuroscience into the capital markets programs, Oren has supervised the placement of over $500 million of investor capital from high net-worth individuals and financial institutions. He is the #1 best-selling business author of the McGraw Hill publication Pitch Anything: An Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading, and Winning the Deal.

Do you know that when you’re pitching a good product or service and then all of your pitches start to sound similar, but you figure, “that’s ok; I’ll find the right investor who resonates with what I have to say.”

But instead you hear NO again and again.

Why is that?

For me, one of the products that I dreamed of placing into Costco with my last company, FITzee Foods were FITzee Bars. These meal replacement bars were a perfect fit to the company and to the consumers. 

I pitched the FITzee Bars as a separate project going into Costco to an investor, and it looked like something we would do in the future to keep this part of the business going after I had closed the food production of FITzee Foods.

But then, they just kept putting it off. For a year, he kept putting me off, and had various reasons why. 

There are red flags and warning signs, and if we can learn how to interpret those from investors, buyers or clients, we can be more effective in our pitches.

This week’s guest on Success Unfiltered, Oren Klaff, has pitched more than $2 billion in sales. When he started hearing NO, he went back to the very bottom, took an entry-level job, and worked hard to learn the language of his investors. Once he learned to listen to the language used by those who were saying NO, he was able to change the way he pitched, and closed more deals!

If you’re ready to learn how to Pitch Anything, then this episode of Success Unfiltered with Oren Klaff is a MUST LISTEN! 

Enjoy, and thank you for listening and tuning into Success Unfiltered!

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Special thanks goes out to Oren Klaff for taking the time to chat with Michelle. Be sure to join us next week for our next new episode!

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Here are a few key secrets we talked about in this episode:

  • Michelle introduces Oren Klaff.
  • Oren shared how at his software company, the accountants double reported income, and left no money! He had to go pitch new software to investors. When he did, and heard NO, he realized that he knew nothing about pitching and sales!
  • When Oren looked for where to learn, he knew that it had to be from experience. So he quit his job, and took an entry level position at a bank to learn.
  • While he was there, he met a guy who was a natural at pitching, and studied him, so that Oren could learn exactly what it was that this guy did that was so exceptional. When Oren began to implement these strategies that he learned, he saw more YES’s.
  • Oren shares what the markers are in sales: there are clear check points in every sale that help you know if you will hear a YES or a NO.
  • When asked to sell a company, Oren said YES. He worked hard to prepare the company, and found a buyer willing to pay $15 million! Then, the original seller changed his mind and said that NO he did not want to sell. Listen to find out why!
  • There are clear signals during deals that help you to know if you are on track or not - you have to learn to read them! Rarely does a deal just fall apart at the end without some signs indicating how it happened.
  • Always have a bigger pipeline of deals: this helps with a sense of urgency with clients.
  • “If something’s wrong, it’s wrong for a reason.” ~ Oren Klaff
  • When working deals, you can learn to take control of the deal, so that you can help make sure that you are working with clients or investors that are the best fit for your business and will be able to deliver!
  • No real investor is going to back out of a deal just because you follow up and continue to make sure that you’re a good long-term fit!
  • “People want what they can’t have. People chase that which moves away from them. And people only value what they have paid for.” ~ Oren Klaff
  • A pitch isn’t just giving information: it’s “info-tainment” to deliver that information in a way that is giving them new information in an entertaining way and is a performance. Practice; it gets better with repetition!
  • Oren shares what he would tell his younger self.

Connect with Oren Klaff:

Don’t Stress About The Pitch. ROCK it! How do you tell the world what you do and make it clear, concise, and magical? Create a pitch that makes your heart sing and your ideal clients swoon! Get your FREE guide, 3 Steps To ROCK Your Pitch (And Get More Sales) right HERE!

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