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Michelle Weinstein, AKA The Pitch Queen, is the host of Success Unfiltered, which features an array of unique and inspiring guests. She talks to all kinds of innovators and achievers, including multi seven and eight figure entrepreneurs, Shark Tank veterans, authors, performers, and investors.

Her guests share their most intimate stories, no holds barred. It’s the raw and vulnerable stuff that you don’t always hear about, like major rejections, epic failures, and unrelenting setbacks.
They share their most inspiring stories of overcoming adversity, never giving up, and achieving success beyond their wildest imaginations.

She created this podcast to help entrepreneurs realize that they are NOT alone. Everyone who has attempted something epic has had their share of setbacks, failures, and NOs. By sharing unfiltered stories from extraordinary individuals who overcame hardships and ultimately achieved their version of success, her hope is to inspire others to stay in the game and hold out for their own dreams.

Her mission and goal is to inspire rising entrepreneurs to break through barriers, overcome obstacles, and make a bigger impact in the world. It’s her passion to show people how to take action, own their value, and grow their top-line revenue. You CAN build a successful and flourishing business and make a global impact by doing what you love, and Success Unfiltered will inspire you ever step of the way!

May 29, 2019

Episode 105 | Jeet Banerjee Shares How Having a Passion for Your Business can Lead to Success

Do you truly feel passionate about your business?

Jeet Banerjee is a 25 year old serial entrepreneur and TEDx speaker. He’s sold 2 businesses and launched over 10+ companies since he became an entrepreneur 8 years ago. In...

May 25, 2019

Do you have trouble hearing no during your sales conversations?

In today's Success Shortcut, Michelle talks about how to know when someone is ready to buy and how you can use proper follow up to create a pipeline of leads who are bound to say YES when they’re ready. If you have trouble hearing NO, this shortcut will...

May 22, 2019

Episode 104 | Harriet Mills Shares How Written Contracts can Save Your Business

Have you ever considered a prenup for your business? If you have a partner in the business, you should consider getting a written contract to protect you, your business, and the future of the business!

With over a decade of experience as an...

May 18, 2019

Do you have a coach or mentor?

Here at Success Unfiltered, Michelle believes everyone needs guidance and that getting it from the right people is a major factor in your success. But should you hire a coach or find a mentor? In today's Success Shortcut, Michelle shares the difference between getting professional...

May 15, 2019

Episode 103 | Zalmi Duchman Shares Why Angel Investors Aren’t Always the Answer to a Profitable Business

Where is the money coming from that fuels your business?

Zalmi Duchman is an entrepreneur and food-tech pioneer. In 2005, Zalmi launched The Fresh Diet out of his apartment with $500 on his credit card. Over the...